February Wrap up + A New Project

Happy March Everyone!!

Wow February flewwwww and t's time for this month's wrap up post!

I read some books this month but not as many as I would have hoped though. Below is this month's list - linked to the respective reviews: (I have yet to write some of them)

George - Alex GinoStardust - Neil GaimanThe Hostile Hospital - Lemony SnicketThe Beauty #6 - Jeremy HaunThe Maiden Thief: A Tor.Com Original - Melissa MarrThe Modern Family Cookbook - Modern FamilyAdulthood is a Myth: A Sarah's Scribbles Collection - Sarah Andersen
Seriously...I'm Kidding - Ellen DeGeneresThe Funny Thing Is... - Ellen DeGeneresPeter and the Wolf - Sergei Prokofiev,Jim Dale,Brilliance AudioCasino Royale - Ian Fleming,Simon Vance

Final Tally: 11 books
Plus, the majority of the books were 5 star reads, which is something very pleasant.


✍ Other bookish updates:

  • I had my first featured review on netgalley!
  • I fell behind on the book our dystopia bookclub has picked for February: "The Darkest Minds". I plan on reading that for sure, as a lot of you really liked it.
  • I'm currently reading Truthwitch and I have picked up a few new books along the way.
  • "March Take Control of your TBR pile" has officially started! If you want to tackle your massive TBR pile, why don't you join?
  • and finally....


☆ A new project ☆

Troy's ongoing projects have inspired me to start a few of my own. As fantasy is one of my favorite genres, behold my first project: "A fantasy journey" (yep, I even made a special project picture)

There are so many fantasy books out there: it's impossible to make a full list. In this project, my goal would be to catalog books that had a remarkable effect on me. Plus, I will include fantasy books I generally read and liked.


I'll kick things off with my beloved Harry Potter series with a chapter by chapter review. I have read the books countless times and I listen to the audiobooks regularly. As with each listening, new thoughts emerged, I decided that for once I could take some time to organize and share them. I know some of you are first time readers of the series: spoilers will be marked accordingly.

I will make a dedicated page on the sidebar as soon as I post the first chapter.


So look out for ....

Harry Potter


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - J.K. Rowling,Mary GrandPréBook #1: The Philosopher's Stone


 ✎ Chapter 1:The boy who lived




Along with the Harry Potter books, I will read/post about other fantasy books that I have been meaning to pick up for a long, long time as Lord of the Rings ... it's about time i join the Silmarillion book club too..!