The Hostile Hospital (A series of unfortunate events #8)

The Hostile Hospital -  Lemony Snicket

❝The Baudelaire orphans stopped. It was early in the morning, and the three children had been walking for hours across the flat and unfamiliar landscape.❞

Welcome again to yet another adventure of the poor, beloved orphans. This book, as expected based on the events from the previous one, is significantly different. Violet, Klaus and Sunny have their worst experience, since the horrific events at the Miserable Mill. Wanted for a murder they did not commit, they take residence to a half build side of a hospital where during the day they work at the "Library of Records". In there, they find out that a folder named "Baudelaire" exists, but it was removed for police inspection. Only the last page (page 13 - I see what you did there Mr. Snicket...) is left.  Olaf of course comes for the orphans again! I rated this one the lowest of the series yet, as I wasn't very fond of the darker twist things have gone. Also, the teasing of the mystery wasn't that pleasing. As I side not I love anagrams and it was a clever addition to the list of things the Baudelaires solved.

I hope the next one is better.