Seriously... LISTEN to this. or read it. Just kidding. Listen to it!

Seriously...I'm Kidding - Ellen DeGeneres

This is narrated by one of my all time favorite people (one is Ellen DeGeneres, the other is Betty White).

I love Ellen. You might do too. But you might not care about my long rambling about her. So, I am doing two reviews of the audiobook, one short, one long.


Short review: Ellen makes you laugh and makes you cry. I recommend watching one of her videos on mondays. You'll thank me later. She is perhaps known as that gay tv show host. She is so much more. To me, she is a role model (see the long review for details).

This is an audiobook, where she narrates a book she wrote about random stuff. I mean really random stuff. And it has a bit of everything in it. In a true Ellen style, it has both the goofy and the serious. Both the inspirational and the laid back stuff. It's three hours of pure enjoyment that left a goofy smile on my face rushing here to write this. 

I highly recommend it. And in fact, I would advise to listen to random bits here and there. One chapter today and another tomorrow.

And now for the few that would read on:


The longer review: Ellen DeGeneres is a comedian. She has a talk show where she constantly says that her purpose in life is to make people laugh. And I love her for that. Ellen had so many people on her show over the years and she discussed so many issues, some hilarious, some tearful. I keep watching her on youtube religiously and whenever they happen to air old episodes on the tv here.


I admire Ellen deeply. It's not easy coming out in general, especially when you are famous. Everyone will have an opinion. Everyone will judge. That's another thing I love about her: she doesn't judge. I mean we all do..but if you have seen her show, you could tell that this is someone who would accept you no matter what. And that's a beautiful thing. She is by no means the only one who does that, but she is one of the few famous people that do. I loved Ellen even more when I watched her on Oprah Winfrey's masterclass. Watch a part of it below:



I love whenever she has Portia on her show (that's her wife) and I wish I was related to her, so I could actually hang out with her. I truly consider her a friend and I teared up along with her when I watched this:



She totally deserved this. She is sweet and kind and generous. She is hardworking and original and honest. She is a true role model.


Ellen, you are the best.

In this audiobook, (I almost forgot that I am writing a review) Ellen talks about random stuff like yoga and teenagers' slang. About labels and being late. About babies and sauna. There is even a chapter that she makes random noises. Seriously. I am not kidding. She adds her own comedy flavor in this:

Some chapters have background noise (nothing annoying, don't worry) that added to the whole audiobook experience. Her tone is so conversation-like that gets a 10 out of 10 for narration. Maybe the material isn't a perfect ten, but hey it was educational! Did you know that.......


Overall, a five star audiobook! I might buy the book too! And I will be checking out her other books too! :)

Some Quotes that I loved: (there were many more than the ones I list below)

“So be who you really are. Embrace who you are. Literally. Hug yourself. Accept who you are. Unless you're a serial killer.”


“True beauty is not related to what color your hair is or what color your eyes are. True beauty is about who you are as a human being, your principles, your moral compass.”


“What’s not so great is that all this technology is destroying our social skills. Not only have we given up on writing letters to each other, we barely even talk to each other. People have become so accustomed to texting that they’re actually startled when the phone rings. It’s like we suddenly all have Batphones. If it rings, there must be danger.

Now we answer, “What happened? Is someone tied up in the old sawmill?”

“No, it’s Becky. I just called to say hi.”

“Well you scared me half to death. You can’t just pick up the phone and try to talk to me like that. Don’t the tips of your fingers work?”


“The thing everyone should realize is that the key to happiness is being happy for yourself and yourself.”


“If someone ever says you're weird, say thank you. And then curtsy. No, don't curtsy. That might be too weird. Bow. And tip your imaginary hate. That will show them.”


She said, "Did you just intercom the cat?"


That last one had me laughing more than I should. I love you Ellen. May you continue to spread joy.