George - Alex Gino

This is one of those books that makes you think. At least it made me think.

'George' is about a girl trapped in a boy's body. She knows it, but no one else seems to notice that she is a girl. All she wants to do is play Charlotte in her school's theater production, but her teacher tells her that she can't though, because she is a boy.


This is the dedication page:

I really liked George and her narration reveals a really sweet child trying to figure out who she is.

You should keep in mind that this is a children's book, so it is meant to be read by children. Don't expect long pondering sessions of self doubt, world standards, etc..


I think the ultimate goal of the author was to teach children that it's okay to be different and you should accept others for being different too.


If you have children, I recommend this. I believe it will spark a nice discussion about gender equality.