A Modern Family Cookbook

The Modern Family Cookbook - Modern Family

There are few good comedies out there that have the qualities of the tv show 'Modern Family': a talented cast, brilliant writing and chemistry. The latter being the hardest one. When FRIENDS ended I was on a hunt to find a good comedy, although, in no way could that one be replaced. There were some however, that come close: How I met your mother and Modern Family are two (I'll make a separate post about 'comedy tv shows' you should check out some other time).


The 'Modern Family Cookbook' was a fun read, one that clearly appeals to fans of the show. It features recipes mentioned on the show like Phil's first-day-of-school pancakes and Manny's Piña Delgado. I want to try some of these out: it has breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, plus drinks. In between them, you get fun quotes from the show and photos from the cast.


Do you tune in weekly to watch the latest on the Dunphy-Tucker-Pritchett-Delgado clan?

Then chances are that you will enjoy this as much as I did.


(I'm so hungry right now.. *off to make claire’s chicken & vegetable garden wraps*)