Sorcery of thorns

Sorcery of Thorns - Margaret Rogerson

For these were not ordinary books the libraries kept. They were knowledge, given life. Wisdom, given voice. They sang when starlight streamed through the library’s windows. They felt pain and suffered heartbreak. Sometimes they were sinister, grotesque—but so was the world outside.❞

I buy lots of books and borrow even more, so I am constantly forgetting the detailed book plots of my purchases, unless I instantly start reading after buying/borrowing the book. I dove into this one knowing some vague information that it has something to do with magical libraries and yeah basically that was it - not that I really needed anything else.. I started a mini bookclub with my sister and began reading the Red Queen. Since I thought it was extremely boring, I picked this one to read instead, much to my sister's dismay.


❝ For all the girls who found themselves in books❞, the dedication page reads and I'm instantly intrigued.


I really breezed through Sorcery of Thorns. It had everything I wanted to read at the moment: sorcerers, demons, bad-ass librarians, rituals, sword fights, a touch of romance and freaking magical books. The characters were likable, especially the female protagonist Elizabeth. (Can I add here how much I appreciated the fact that the characters had normal names for once? Not some two-three syllable/too many vowel/sounds like a ancient or nordic name that most of the books appear to have these days.) 


Margaret Rogerson managed to create a world I did not want to leave and characters I really rooted for. The pacing was easy to follow, but the plot honestly is not something that will blow you away, as it was a bit on the predictable side but the atmosphere of the book was so well done that I did not mind. My only complaint is that I wish it was a bit longer.

But this is a library,” she replied in surprise. “What do they expect—that the books won’t try to bite off their fingers?

Overall this was a fantastic read that I highly recommend if someone is looking for a well defined standalone fantasy book.