January Wrap-up

WOW...It has been ages since I did one of these..With the issues BL had and my personal life getting in the way I didn't blog enough (*cough* not at all) Soo, 2017 is a fresh start.


January was a good month and the theme of the month was "graphic novels". I couldn't find any interest to finish an actual book, but I did finish a couple of awesome comics, thus officially declaring January 2017 my graphic novel month

☕ I finished

 ◈ the American Vampire series (issues 3-8)

American Vampire #1 - Stephen King,Scott Snyder,Rafael Albuquerque  American Vampire, Vol. 2 - Scott Snyder,Mateus Santolouco,Rafael Albuquerque  American Vampire Vol. 3 by Snyder, Scott (2012) Paperback - Scott Snyder  American Vampire, Vol. 4 - Scott Snyder,Rafael Albuquerque,Jordi Bernet  American Vampire Vol. 5 - Scott Snyder,Rafael Albuquerque,Dustin Nguyen  American Vampire Vol. 6 - SCOTT SNYDER,RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE  American Vampire Vol. 7 - Scott Snyder,Rafael Albuquerque  American Vampire Vol. 8 - Scott Snyder,Rafael Albuquerque  

 ◈ and the "Abigail and the snowman" series (issues 2-4)

Abigail & The Snowman - Roger Langridge 

☕ I read the first issues of Sandman and Giant Days

Giant Days Vol. 1 - Whitney Cogar,Lissa Treiman,John Allison  The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes, Vol. #1 - Mike Dringenberg,Neil Gaiman  

☕ And some adorable kids books

It Came in the Mail - Ben Clanton,Ben Clanton Separate Is Never Equal: Sylvia Mendez and Her Family's Fight for Desegregation - Duncan Tonatiuh  

Total month tally: 13


Not bad. I do have a lot of "currently reading" books and tomorrow I'm continue with my "Harry potter chapter by chapter" review! Stay tuned!