"We are witnessing something beyond what we've been taught to imagine."

Burning Kingdoms - Lauren DeStefano

I will gladly admit that this second installment was better than the first book. I really enjoyed reading on with the story of Morgan and her friends, as they try to find their place on the ground. It was really funny reading about their reactions to things we all consider normal, like rain. Living in a floating piece of earth had its privileges after all!

There is no train framing this city. There is no limit. It could well go on forever, to a horizon it would take ten lifetimes to run to.


So, "Burning Kingdoms" picks the story from the end of book one, with our survivors landing safely into the strange world of "the ground". However, they are soon disappointed, when they find out that the people there are no less cruel and oppressive than their own. That world felt relatively close to our modern society with cars and planes, cinemas, hotels and amusement parks, with the exception of royalty. The people from "the floating island" were welcomed on the ground, even though they arrived in the middle of a war. New relationships are formed and we find out more about the now familiar characters of Morgan, Lex, Pen and Celeste. The friendship between Pen and Morgan is one of my favorites on these series and I like the way DeStefano plays the romance card: it's subtle and not annoying. The hinting of a potential love triangle is a bit worrying but I trust it will work itself out in the end.


I already picked the last book of the series and I don't like the foreshadowing break of the china couple on the cover..