Hot in Cleveland

I love comedy shows. The problem is that there are few really good ones. Sure, "how I met your mother"was funny, with Ted narrating his never ending tale of how he met his wife to his children. "Big Bang Theory" has its moments too, with Sheldon discovering how to interact with humans, but one truly excellent comedy show is: Hot in Cleveland.

I don't remember how I stumbled across this one three years ago, but it was an instant favorite.

Melanie, Joy and Victoria are three women that had been traveling to Paris, when their flight makes an emergency landing in Cleveland. They go into a bar and they realize with amazement that they are hot in Cleveland. So, they decide (naturally) to leave LA and move there... Three women, who are best friends living together in a city where they are considered hot? What can go wrong? =P


The writing is brilliant and funny, with one outrageous scenario after the other. The acting is even more excellent with Valerie Bertinelli (Melanie), Jane Leeves(Joy), Wendie Malick (Victoria - who gave me the most laughs) and of course the amazing Betty White (Elka), the star of the show:

Such chemistry is rare to find on a show. Ever since FRIENDS ended, I was searching to find a cast that "clicked", like these women do. This is a true example of how contagious laughter is. First of all, this show is recorded in front of a live studio audience. This means that they actually perform each episode, sort of like a play. They are having the time of their lives and truly enjoy what they are doing and this is mirrored on their performance.

That is one of the reasons I love it so much.


I should also note the choice of the characters: these women are not young and beautiful. They are older and by no means perfect. Something you don't usually see in a lot of shows out there. This is precisely what makes them more relateable - no matter whatever crazy situation they get themselves in.


This is a show that shouldn't be missed, especially if you are a Betty fan and I was truly sad to see it go.

I'm actually re-watching the show these days and I haven't seen the last episode yet: I know I will cry, like I did on Friends (and I still do cry every time I watch that bittersweet finale).


So, watch Hot in Cleveland and let me know what you think!