Lost Among the Living

Lost Among the Living - Simone St. James

A highly atmospheric mystery.


We are in England after the First World War: Joanna, our protagonist, finds herself facing an uncertain future. Her husband, Alex, is missing and presumed dead. She has no family, no money and no job. Alex's aunt Dottie, hires Jo as her companion and personal assistant. But when Jo moves in with her boss to Alex's old house, strange things begin to happen... and I don't want to add more as it might spoil the plot.


It took me a bit to get into the story and although it wasn't an unpredictable plot, I enjoyed it very much. The setting should be noted, as it's so different of what I usually read. Forget fantasy lands, or dystopian futures. we are in Post War England. This added a certain atmospheric element that worked excellent with Jo's tale. I could see this being the script of a rather good film. The writing was really good and each scene involved great detail that made the story more compact and easy to immense yourself. It reminded me a bit of the movie "The Woman in Black".


The only part I didn't really buy was the romance of Joanna and her husband Alex. It wasn't fully justified in my opinion. I don't really get instant love and I don't like it in books. If you don't object to that, the whole book will work out quite well for you.


I'd recommend this to people who like mysteries with supernatural and historical elements.


**Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from First to Read in exchange for an honest review.