A Carnivorous Carnival (A series of unfortunate events #9)

The Carnivorous Carnival - Lemony Snicket

❝ The Beaudelaire orphans were in the belly of the beast - that is the dark and cramped trunk of a long, black automobile.❞

I took a small break from the terrible adventures of these extremely unfortunate orphans. Now I'm back to finish their story. I switched to the audio versions this time, as it truly enhances the story. Tim Curry is a superb narrator and voices Count Olaf just as I imagined him.


In Carnivorous Carnival, the children follow their mortal enemy in the hopes that he would lead them to the mysterious V.F.D. They end up in a carnival show that is being run by a fortune teller, Madame Lulu.


We have completely abandoned the formula used on the first seven books: the children being passed from one guardian to another, until Count Olaf tracks them down and tries to snatch their fortune. He fails and tries again. Alas, it grew a bit predictable and after the 'Vile Village' it was a pleasant change to have the children trying to make it on their own. On every book the children discover a part of themselves and they always learn a lesson. Time after time, they prove just how resourceful they are. I immediately started the next book after I finished this one as it ended on a very dreadful way...


P.S: I use this book for this month's keyword challenge: "Fire". It will be a tweak of the word obviously, as there are far too many fires on these series. The fire on this one is special as

the Baudelaires were the ones who set it.

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