A love story in pictures

Soppy: A Love Story - Philippa Rice

Ahh this is was such a sweet read! I have seen some of these illustrations before,but nonetheless I found the whole thing adorable.You basically read the story of a couple very much in love, through pictures. They eat, sleep and work together, and the pictures illustrate their everyday life. I think it would make an awesome present to your significant other!


Some of the pictures were too relatable. The following ones in particular, made me laugh as they apply to me and my bf:

-we are always fighting about 'our' side of the bed:

-our sleeping patterns vary:

(I'm blessed to be very easy going on sleep-positions; I have slept on a chair once..)

I always, always prefer pizza to anything else:

ahhh the loveee (is it me or if you stare long enough the background moves?!..lol..)