The Big Short

Just watched this and I recommend it! ツ


I can probably write a whole essay about the financial crisis and how aggravating is the way our current economy works. I am not playing smart -  on the contrary: I feel utterly frustrated by the situation. All of it.

And honestly, I didn't need this movie to confirm how deep in shit our society is. Because guess what? We haven't recovered from what happened on 2007.

The biggest revelation and mind blowing movie I have seen was Zeitgeist: Addendum. I'm so tired of people pointing out the problems and shifting the blame. I want a solution. This is what they offer. The whole trilogy of the Zeitgeist movies does that. So go watch it. They are free on youtube.


Back to the film in question: "Big short". There are lots of financial terms in the film of course and they do try to make them plain, something I greatly appreciated. The storyline begins with a man called Micheal Burry, who saw the problem with the mortgages and started to ring the bell. And no one fucking listened to him. Everyone laughed at him. Because who likes a buzzkill? Right? When you are on a winning streak on a blackjack table, you don't listen to the guy that warns you that your luck might turn and you don't walk out when you have won big: on the contrary, you go on playing, certain you will win (btw this was one of the metaphors used on the film, although it's not very far from the truth: Wall Street is a fancy casino). Burry wrote an article at NY Times, back on 2010 about his findings and it's worth reading, if you don't want to bother yourself with the film. The really bad news is that something could have been done...


The film also introduces us to a few others characters that were "crazy" enough to believe Mr. Burry. The gist is that they betted against the economy's supposed rock: housing industry. And unfortunately, they were right. Although, this wasn't a bet exactly, as it's not a bet when you will win for sure.


Steve Carrel was brilliant and reflected my emotions precisely throughout the film.

(yep that's Steve Carrel, I can't seem to find a gif of him with one of his priceless facial expressions)


Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt and Cristian Bale were wonderful too. I know Christian Bale is nominated for an Oscar as a Supporting Actor. I haven't seen all the other nominations and I don't have time until tomorrow, but I think he has a good chance of winning based on that performance.


On the whole, the film was nice and it can be baffling how I can find entertaining such a story: I read a review over at imdb that said: "[..] Adam McKay (the director) made deplorable humans, blinding fear, gut-boiling outrage and gleeful shaming so much fun to watch". Couldn't have phrased it better myself even if I tried.


I never liked economics to begin with, and over the course of my studies I have managed to stay clear of it. The respect I have for that "science" is very, very low. I'm sorry if I offend you by what I have written so far; this is my view on the matter. It's not that I don't understand it; I simply don't see the use of it. It's the same with politics (don't get me started on that one). You might say: hey this is how the world works, who are you to say otherwise? Well, I will politely reply: fuck you. You are too blinded to see that our system is not working anymore; in fact it never truly did.


I want to close my mini rant (I can really go on and on..) with this: (which incidentally is the closing quote scene of the film)

So yeah..I don't know about you. I am gonna invest on water.

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Thanks for reading! -M.