Things I want my daughters to know

Things I Want My Daughters to Know by Elizabeth Noble (4-Sep-2008) Paperback - Elizabeth Noble

I first read this a while back and did a reread last year, when I got it in greek for my mother to read too.


Four sisters lose their mother (this is not a spoiler - the novel starts with that). Every girl is different and their relationship with their mother was unique. It got emotional when with the opening of the will, the girls get letters from their deceased mother. They contain things she never got the chance to tell them. Through the letters we get the required exposition about the family.

The formula of these books is kinda of the same: things fall apart and then they fall into place. The first time it was a 5 star read but I changed it the second time. I save the fives for the true favorites.


Grab this one for a light reading with a touch of drama but expect a predicted plot.


P.S: After I finished this I went to hug my mom and told her how much I love her...