Make room for the Queen of Vampires, that has a soft spot for Louboutin

Undead and Unwed - MaryJanice Davidson

Yes you read the post title right.

You have vampires and Louboutin. Kinda like Meg Cabot meets Sex and the City.


This is the first book of a rather long book series (13 and counting) about Elizabeth Taylor.. oh not that Elizabeth. Betsy as she prefers to be called, narrates this light, cute series: on her birthday, she dies and comes back as a vampire. But alas, her quirky personality is not lost in the underworld. Her obsession with shoes, in particular, will carry her to eternity. I had to roll my eyes at how swallow she sounded at times. But I need sometimes this kind of reads. You know? It was funny at times, and she does grow on you. You have been warned. I devoured the first 8 books and then declared that I got enough of her. But now I want to get back to her story: it's been a year since the 9th book has been in my currently-reading shelf...


So, in the first book, Betsy comes to terms with her new life. Because not only is she a vampire now, one that has amazing hair, complexion and superpowers, but she is also highly powerful. As a newborn vampire, she has a weird resistance to blood and the fact that her human personality is still there, is important - I won't reveal anymore.

Betsy also meets her male match (you didn't think there wasn't any romance,did you now?) in the face of Eric Sinclair. A very old vampire that is charming and is drawn to our heroine as a vampire to blood. And this is not a random comparison, as he is very possessive at times. I liked Eric more as the series progressed and their romance wasn't dragged out.


If you want a quick, funny (and even hot at some scenes) read and you are not tired by all the vampire books out there, hop along!


The story even features the devil herself (!) with some killer shoes *cue evil laugh*