Spoiler Alert!

Do not take a chance on this one!

Taking Chances - Molly McAdams

Arghhh this book!
I honestly think this is the first book I hated with passion and the first I marked as dnf. This is a review with tons of spoilers. And this is a total rant by my side.

After I dropped this one, I decided not to review it. Ever. It was not worth my time. It would bring back bad emotions. I am on the process of updating my goodreads shelves and syncing them with the shelves here (a long and tedious process),when I saw this book.
I eyed it with hate. And made up my mind. I will dish it review it. You clicked to read more, so i guess you want my opinion on this atrocity. Here it is:


This book started as your common young adult novel no wait it's new adult, anywayyy as I was reading, annoying things started to appear like:

a. the main character, seriously HOW drop dead gorgeous and sweet/funny/charismatic could she be that all the fucking guys are after her? yeah that's totally realistic (btw, she seemed like none of that to me)

b. the plot, there just isn't any.


This is what you will read should you choose to ignore my warning and pick up this book: this is the story about a girl, Harper, that is your typical shy, nerdy girl that has no boy experience. No scratch that. She has no social life at all, as she was home schooled and her only friends are Marines (her dad is a marine general or something- she calls him 'Sir' for crying out loud). Aggravated by the sheltered life she lead up until that point she convinces her dad to enroll into a normal school. Then she of course meets a guy, a bad, bad guy (Chase) that also has a sensitive side (when has this ever happened before?) She falls in love with him, even if he isn't for her, blah blah, you have read the story before. Harper being the awesome chick she is, meets another great dude (Brandon). And great isn't used ironically. He was a really sweet guy that had a crush on her and there it happens: a love triangle. This is where lies the root of my distaste for it! A sample quote:

❝ I was more in love with Chase than I realized, but I couldn't live without Brandon.❞


So yeah.. the story is 432 pages long, because the author decided to test the book reader's patience:

1. you have to deal with Harper's dilemma, (bad guy vs. good guy? arghhhh),

2. you get to experience emotions like frustration (wtf am I reading?) and denial (I did not actually read this) as Harper chooses the good guy but cheats on him!

3. if you get over this point, which let's face it was expected by such an awful heroine, you get to another part of the story totally expected: she cheated on her boyfriend without being responsible. Hmmm, we all know what this might mean: yes she is with child... Then magically everything works out: the bad boy takes her in, as he was also in love with her all this time and didn't think he deserved her. Yep, this book is this unoriginal. But, wait! There is more. After this happened and you might think that Harper got her fucking happily ever after and you can start the healing process of that garbage you just read, you realize that you are not even halfway through. That's right! The author decides that this story has not enough (fake) drama and decides to kill off the bad guy who is now a good guy (I hope you are keeping up). The circumstances were so incredibly stupid I can't even.... Now poor Harper is a pregnant almost-widow (yes she was soon to be married). I never felt sorry for her and I really, really, really disliked her.

Then the good guy (the original one) steps in and marries the bitch.

And names the child after his dead father. After two months of the said death. TWO MONTHS??! I mean who would do that? He hated that guy.

This is the point where I closed this book and declared that I was done. I don't know what happens in the end. And I don't even care.

I hope Chase was reincarnated in the infant and killed both Harper and Brandon.

The writing was horrible, the character building was non existent and I felt sorry I ever read this. I don't remember which book I picked after that, but thank god it was summer and I could be easily distracted and forget this ever happened!

I normally don't like hating stuff, but this book was just this bad!