The Austere Academy (A series of unfortunate events #5)

The Austere Academy - Michael Kupperman, Lemony Snicket, Brett Helquist

  ❝ Before too long, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire will have so much adversity that being dreadful Carmelita Spats, and if you wanted to give a gold metal to Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. it would be for survival in the face of adversity.❞

This one, along with the second book, are my favorite. I will have to wait to actually finish in order to see which was the best story. 'Best' being used ironic of course as these stories the children appear are truly horrible.


The Austere Academy is the fifth book in the "Series of unfortunate events" and the Baudelaire orphans are enrolled in the worst possible boarding school: Prufrock Preparatory School, whose motto is: "Memento Mori" that means according to Klaus: "Remember you will die" (in other words something like R.R.Martin's "All men must die" motto). This truly dreadful school has the worst imaginable Vice Principle who also happens to be the world's worst violinist: Nero. He is a highly delusional man that he gets in line with all the other incompetent guardians the kids had over the series so far. Mr. Poe is truly awful at his job!


I really liked this story because we had two nice character additions: the Quagmire triplets. Except there are no longer three but only two: Duncan and Isadora. The third one, Quigley, met his demise along with the triplets' parents in a terrible fire. Sounds familiar?

So, it's no surprise really that the five children bonded and I really liked how they clicked: Isadora with Klaus and Duncan with Violet. As always, it's only a matter of time before count Olaf appears and make things worse. Because at the boarding school, things were far from ideal: the Baudelaires stayed at a terrible shack with crabs and fungi infested ceilings. Furthermore, the teachers the kids had, Mr. Remora and Mrs. Bass were terrible. The first one, constantly ate bananas and made his students write down his awful stories and the other one was obsessed with measuring useless objects.

I don't remember reading this story when I was younger, so it was extra enjoyable compared to the previous ones. I wonder what will happen next!