Annabel - Lauren Oliver

This is the prequel in a way of the Delirium series first book. Written from Lena's mother point of view we learn about her past: how was her childhood, how she met the girls' father, how she escaped her prison.


It was a very short 'book' and I am also reading Hana's pov now before starting the second book. It was nice to read Annabel's story but I didn't find it essential. One thing that surprised me was that the guy that helped her, Thomas, was Rachel's love. I never would have made the connection. 

Again what I really enjoyed was Lauren's poetic writing:

❝ That's what time does: We stand stubbornly like rocks while it flows all around us, believing that we are immutable - and all the time we're being carved, and shaped, and whittled away.❞


And about her pregnancy:

❝..A private constellation: a star growing inside my belly.❞

I don't think I have ever read a nicer description of a woman being pregnant.

It was also sad to find out that Lena's father was cured. So the never-ending love her mother felt was one-sided.