A book that will touch your heart

A Man Called Ove - Fredrik Backman

I adored this book.
Pick up this book and you won't regret it!


The story

This book is oh well about a man called Ove.. :-P

Now let's see what can I tell you about him?

You will see from the first few pages that Ove is a man stuck in his own ways: he likes his coffee and his car a certain way and cannot comprehend people sometimes. We follow along his story understanding his ways and loving him more every time (like his 'annoying' neighbor). From the first pages I compared Ove with the old man in the Disney movie 'Up'.

I loved both of them.

If you liked that movie pick up this book you and trust me you won't be disappointed.


The writing

The way this story is written it reminded me of a children's story. Every chapter has a title like: 'A man called Ove buys a computer that is not a computer' or 'A man who was Ove and a house that he built'. You get the idea. It's simply written (or maybe it's the translation) but that's what I loved about it. Sometimes you don't have to use fancy words to get your message across.


Final Thoughts
I cannot recommend this book enough.
The story is magnificent in its simplicity, as it tells a tale about love, loss and grief. Ove is one of these characters that stick with you after you turn the last page of the book...


At the end I crying sooo bad:



PS: I will be reading more from this author, Fredrik Backman such as "My grandmother asked me to tell you she's sorry".