Dreadfull indeed...

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Seth Grahame-Smith

I was honestly disappointed by this book. It really felt like it was written by some teenagers who had to read the original classic for school and in my head this is how I imagine the conception of this book:
(the two teenagers are reading the original book by Jane Austin) 
-I really think this book is sooooo boring!, said one of the teenager suppressing a yawn.
-Hey do you know what would make this book fun?, replied the other one with gleaming eyes.
*then both at the same time*

I have no problem with parodies; I mainly picked up this book out of curiosity: how on earth could someone combine jane austin's classic tale with zombies?
The answer is simple:
Only the combat scenes were a bit fun to read, but other than that don't bother.