Seriously... I'm Kidding

Seriously... I'm Kidding - Ellen DeGeneres *I read this along as I was listening*
This is the review for the audiobook:

This is narrated by one of my all time favorite people (one is Ellen DeGeneres, the other is Betty White).
I love Ellen. You might do too. But you might not care about my long rambling about her. So, I am doing two reviews of the audiobook, one short, one long.

Short review: Ellen makes you laugh and makes you cry. I recommend watching one of her videos on mondays. You'll thank me later. She is perhaps known as that gay tv show host. She is so much more. To me, she is a role model (see the long review for details).

This is an audiobook, where she narrates a book she wrote about random stuff. I mean really random stuff. And it has a bit of everything in it. In a true Ellen style, it has both the goofy and the serious. Both the inspirational and the laid back stuff. It's three hours of pure enjoyment that left a goofy smile on my face rushing here to write this.

I highly recommend it. And in fact, I would advise to listen to random bits here and there. One chapter today and another tomorrow.
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