Holy crap that was scary..

Jaws - Inc. Blackstone Audio,  Inc., Peter Benchley, Erik Steele

I am terrified of sharks:

and I don't know if the film "Jaws" was partly or solemnly responsible for that. Either way finishing this audio counts as a personal achievement. The visuals I had in mind every time the shark appeared gave me the chills. Plus each appearance was paired with the appropriate music:

Of course the film and the book have many differences and it's one of those rare times that I prefer the movie to the book. It's not that the book wasn't good. Oh it was. The genius 'fish' is one beast to behold for sure. What I didn't care was the personal drama of the characters. What was the point of going over through a dinner party when there was terror in the waters??


When I was young I tried to overcome my fear, by learning as much as I could about these haunting creatures. And that did absolutely nothing to that end.. On the contrary, I now knew exactly how good killers sharks were. Do you know that they can sense creatures from km away? It's something called electroperception, which is an awesome ability but kinda of disturbing to know that one animal that has that has very very sharp teeth. (Of course that doesn't mean for one second that I do not feel disgusted when I see practices like this.)