Kindle is jailbroken! Hooray!!!!!

I have a kindle basic for almost a year now and I am very pleased with it. However, there are a bunch of tweaks/features I would have loved:

- A freakin' battery indicator,

- A better way to organize my massive ebook collection on the kindle preferably from my computer,

- The cover of the book I am reading on the sleep screen,

- Fontsssss - I hate the pre-installed ones.


Now, before I got the kindle I did a bit of research and found out that if you jailbreak the device/hack it or whatever you want to call it, you can add/ tweak the little device. When on prime day it was super cheap I didn't hesitate. Unfortunately, it updated until I got my hands on it (my sister used it for a bit) and the jailbreak couldn't be applied. I researched what could be done but other than opening the device (which I didn't want to do), there was no  other way. 

Fast forward to yesterday, when the amazing folks at found a way to do an actual factory reset on the device. The instructions are straightforward. The only thing I sacrificed was my collections for sideloaded books. And I was more than okay with that. The whole process was over under 20 minutes and voilà! A jailbroken kindle running the latest firmware ( I haven't had any luck with the collection management, but eventually I will have to figure what I doing wrong.. But looking at my original requests, I think the end result is pretty decent:


- A freakin battery indicator

well, I didn't get an actual one, but I can print onscreen the current battery status, without having to guess based on that stupid icon.

- A better way to organize my massive ebook collection on the kindle from my computer

*still pending* DONE

- The cover of the book I am reading on the sleep screen

YES!!!!! + the option to add custom ones! like these:

(and many many more!! for ideas look here and here; you can even make your own using this)

- Fontsssss, I hate the pre-installed ones.

DONE!! now I can finally enjoy my all time favorite fonts!


If you are interested on how the process works head over here. Be careful with the process, make sure you read all the steps before starting and enjoy the freedom on your device afterwards!!!


I am so excited I did this! Now off to stare at my new sleep screen (who said ebooks are not the same as actual books? Just take a look below)

Yep this is the sleep screen!!


On other news, I finally got around to writing a bunch of reviews that I spread over the coming weeks. Plus, I finally wrote a couple of the the harry potter chapter by chapter.


I'm currently working on some entries for the Lord of the Rings bookclub, if I am happy with the end result I will post them, otherwise I'll just do one in the end when I'm done with the first book.


Happy Sunday everyone!!