I'm back!!!!

How is everyone? I haven't been online at all for a month (!) and I am now experiencing book reviewing withdrawal symptoms (is this even a thing?) There is so much that I missed..From a quick scan at my notifications and at the recent feed: Leafmarks is closing??? Technical issues, booklikes hired a new tech team, etc... Plus, there is an awesome summer bingo going around!


It will take me some time to load the feed and see all of the latest posts/reviews. My plan was to schedule some reviews to go up while I was away but it didn't quite work out as planned.

So,,,,what I have been up to? Well, my family and I went to the US for my little sister's graduation and then to New York for a week. I hadn't been on a family vacation for such a long time and the trip turned out to be a success! On the downside, I didn't read at all during the trip, which was a bummer. And I was really counting on those long plane and bus hours to get some reading done, but noooo I was caught up on films...!

I watched 'The Dark Knight Rises' (the one batman movie i missed), 'Pitch Perfect 2' (I hadn't seen the first one, but I knew the main idea), 'Into the woods' (too many famous people singing), 'The middle' (this is a tv series - yes there are tv shows on these little tvs on long flights) and 'Hail Caesar' (I actually slept during that one).

(show spoiler)

Expect lots of reviews in the next couple of days, as I did finish some books once I got back :D