Stardust - Neil Gaiman

Confession #1: I saw the movie first,

and it was really hard to detach it from the book: comparisons were inevitable,

Confession #2: this is my first book by Mr. Gaiman (and it won't be the last)

So.. I liked the story, but this is one of the rare occasions that the movie was better on my humble opinion. Don't get me wrong the book was a decent fantasy read but the movie fleshed out the characters quite nicely too (apart from Yvaine, sorry Claire Danes); Robert De Niro was so funny as the pirate and by far my favorite..!

Back to the book...

The story: Tristan Thorn is a man who will do anything for his lovely Victoria. When he promises to bring her a fallen star, he goes on an adventure to find out who he really is and fall in love too.


My thoughts: I just couldn't immerse myself on that the beginning I had the narration at the same time and it was lovely: Gaiman is a gifted narrator.

Maybe if I kept it until the end, it would have been better but I read faster, so I ditched it.

There were tons of deviations in the movie, but again as I mentioned above I prefer the movie to the book (there is a first time for everything!)

I plan on reading more by Gaiman in the future.