♫ Kick off your Monday Shoes ..

If you have dancing in your film, I'm sold. From Mary Poppins to Step Up, I have seen and enjoyed all styles of dancing. Modern dancing, ballroom dancing, ballet, hip hop, jazz, you name it. Dance complements music much like math complements physics. Enjoy some of cinema's best known moves tuned to one of the most iconic dance songs out there!


music starts @0:50


If anyone is interested I can do a follow up post with one of the best routines out there! or I could do it for you Rachel! :D


P.S: If by listening to Footloose, you don't get a need to dance/move/imitate Kevin Bacon, then I'm sorry to inform you but your inner dance muse is dead. You should listen to the song nonstop and it will work its magic for ya. Trust me.