Carrie - Stephen King

Generally speaking, I really enjoy King's writing. So far, I have read a collection of short stories, Cujo and The cell (which I didn't finish as it was too bloody for my taste back then)


So..Carrie.I haven't seen any of the films based on this one and I wasn't familiar with the story before stumbling on the trailer of the latest reboot. Instead of watching the film, I decided to read the book as I am always one of the annoying people that say: "the book is always better".


Carrie is a very shy girl that gets bullied by her classmates and finally she snaps. Supernatural elements are also featured in the story. One other interesting character is her mother, who is a religious nutter.


I especially liked the way it was written as if it was a research project of some kind on the events of a specific night. It added a nice atmospheric touch of reality.

I finished reading this on a very bumpy airplane flight, a factor that made me extra jumpy at specific scenes.


Have any of you watched the films? Do you recommend them? As I read this in 2013, I don't remember many details (something that usually makes me draw inevitable comparisons between film and book).