Personal Story Book - Chapter 1: January

So, January was a very good month - reading wise. I had a nasty cold at the beginning of the year that kept me from doing..well...anything actually. My academic work suffered and the exam period needless to say didn't go so well. No matter, back to normal pace.


February will be mainly my ARC month. I have tons of books on netgalley waiting for me and I feel bad that I have so many already archived. My plan is to start with the ones that will be archived on March and slowly work from there. Also, I'm participating to COYER 2016 and I'm trying to clean my e-reader of all the random freebies I bought since the purchase of my beloved kindle - which was last summer, now that I think about it. Seriously when I got all these books?? I am going to be dnf-ing (is this even a word?) books all over!


As a fun way to do this month's wrap up and hopefully the ones following, I took inspiration from here. Basically, I am gonna take all the books I read this month and try to make out a story from their titles. I thought that this was a fun and creative way to wrap up the month (and hopefully funny).

So here it goes:


Alex, you little brat, let me tell you something. The Beauty isn't something that comes from within, like your mommy taught you when you lived at The Vile Village," he said. "It's a curse. Trust me". And he did. Nonetheless, the work at The Miserable Mill was unbearable. Cutting trees for wood was horrible. He missed reading. Alex was however a quite resourceful boy that loved adventure and poking around. So, he soon discovered that at his horrible boss's mansion there was an Ersatz Elevator. Realizing that there was nothing holding him back, he jumped at the black hole where the elevator should have been and felt The 5th Wave engulf him. He soon stepped out in a whole other world. He felt like he was Flying to Neverland with Peter Pan [..] *
"Here, at The Austere Academy that you currently enrolled you will also learn tons of  Cat Trivia and expand your knowledge on Dandelions. Yes you might say that these things are unrelated and frankly my dears, you will be right. You will soon find out that the things that we teach our students are ...a bit... unconventional. We specialize in history, for instance, where 'The Tearling' is our favorite kingdom right now. Naturally, you will have to learn all about The Queen of the Tearling and The Invasion of the Tearling, an indeed dreadful event. In the year 2016, you will find out its Fate. Biology, is one of our other specializations: feel free to drop by the The Reptile Room and take a look at all the specimen we have in there. The Most Magnificent Thing we offer of course is our library, where you will find a variety of books to help you with all your courses and there are tons of comfortable armchairs by The Wide Window. So, I hope you have fun and don't forget our school moto: "Just Go the Fuck to Sleep".

*Okay, I admit it: I couldn't think of anything good enough to link the two paragraphs.


So what do you think? Is it a bit coherent at least? =P

Feel free to do the same for your monthly wrap ups! It was so much fun trying to tie together all these titles, and it will be challenging to go on.


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Closing, here are some of the books I am considering for February (some have been on my to be read pile sooo long that I had to 'upgrade' them):



Thanks for reading everyone! Have a nice day!