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Star Wars: The force awakens through the eyes of a first time watcher

This a review with spoilers. If you don't want any spoilers don't read further. You have been warned.
This post will be my own rambling about the film. It's going to be long. You have been warned. 


Okay let's start first by saying this:



Which now it's not correct anymore: The force awakens is the first Star Wars movie I ever watched.


I am positive I was the only one in the movie theater on thursday who hadn't seen any of the previous six installments. Why that is you may ask? I guess it's maybe because none of my friends are fan of star wars to drag us to movies or go on for hours about the story (i have friends who are tolkien fans who did both). Honestly, the true reason lies with me: you see I am doing my master's on astrophysics and having always been fascinated by stars and space, I just can't get into that part of science fiction. Movies (and books for that matter) that concern aliens for instance is something that never attracted me. So stars wars belonged into this type of genre. Anywayyy, a couple of people I hang out with at the university are big time fans of the franchise and they invited me and I thought: 'Why not?' Plus, I believe my questions were amusing to say the least. I should add also that I was super ignorant of the plot: for years I thought that the prequels were actually the remake of the old films. Oh and the story about Darth Vader and Luke? Yep. I had never understood or asked when this was mentioned in the past. That was the level of my ignorance.


Nonetheless, I did enjoy the film. The effects for one were exceptional: they were just so complimentary of the movie (there is something compelling to seeing space battles on 3D).


The story

I don't want to get into specific plot details,but I will just say this: it was kinda of a letdown. The repetition of a previous plot whilst making parallels between the old and new characters is just lazy. I feel the same way with every James Bond film: in the end he always saves the day (this is why I stopped watching James Bond's films).

Now some people might like repetition and sometimes I am one of them, example: in the tv show 'Criminal Minds' they always, always find the bad guy. Eleven seasons in, still the same story. But I am a fan of the show. I continue watching. So yeah I get the repetition. But every now and then I just like to be surprised. But hold on you may say: you haven't seen any star wars movies before this one, how exactly this is repetition to you? You, my friend, are correct but even if you throw aside the fact that the plot wasn't original (big and dangerous word, I know), that still doesn't make it good. Strip the acting, the music, the effects and what do you get in the end: the story of a bad tempered child turning truly evil. A good plot of an adventure movie in my personal opinion, keeps the audience on the edge of their seat and has twists that are not so cliché. It's hard in this day and age to be original, I agree, but I expected star wars to be along the lines of the matrix and not a battle of good vs. evil; if I want that I already have Tolkien's tales.


The characters

There are characters that return in this film. This element alone of course is enough to make fans cry out from happiness. I mean if in 30 years they make a sequel to Harry Potter I will be exactly like that. There Rowling: this is how you'll never go broke. For me, Harry Potter is the franchise I grew up with, the series I was obsessed with and still adore. By no means, it's perfect either - well to me it is :D
In that sense, I can relate.

The new characters are very likable (BB-8 was exceptionally cute). Plus, the acting was pretty decent too.


The music

Yes this iconic piece of music deserves its own separate mention. John Williams of course needs no introduction as he has created some of Hollywood's most recognizable pieces. The most familiar thing from this film for me, was the music because I have listened to it so many times (weird right? to have listened to the score of a film multiple times but haven't actually seen the movie). But yeah the music rocks.


Final thoughts

If you haven't seen any star wars films like me before, you will be able to follow the story but if you are a fan you will enjoy it more. It is really as simple as that.
Sorry if you are a fan and got offended by something I said above, that was not my intention.

I will close with this:

My biggest question was left unanswered: How does the force work?

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PS: now Troy I can read your thoughts on the movie :)