Tv show recommendations /update with Mr. Robot trailer

I watch a lot of tv shows and from a bunch of different genres. Today, I want to write about two particular shows I find to be really remarkable.


I will start with a new show that came out this summer called "Mr.Robot": (click picture for link)

Mr.Robot follows the story of Elliot, a highly anti-social young man with a talent on computers and an addiction to drugs. Brilliant acting, clever narration, excellent storyline and an atmospheric tv-show that really caught my attention from its pilot. 

If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.


Now, moving to my second recommendation:

This show is british and it's called 'Black Mirror": (click picture for link)

Black Mirror is not a new tv show (it came out on 2011) but I cannot write a post about good tv shows and not include this one. Every episode in this show has a different cast and an independent storyline, which depicts human nature's darkest side. The usual setting is somewhere in the future, with technology gone all wrong. What is interesting with this show is that every storyline gives some food for thought; something that, in my opinion is rare with other popular tv shows. Fair warning the first episode is a bit..graphic in a sense: I recommended this show to a friend of mine that really got grossed out from that episode, discouraging him from continuing the series. You could skip that one and watch the others, like I said the episodes are completely independent.

An extremely high recommendation!


PS: I heard that there was going to be a re-make for the american television, if you want to see this show: watch the original series. No remake was needed.

Update Bonus - click below to see the trailer of the series: