Delirium (no spoilers!)

Delirium - Lauren Oliver

❝ Sometimes I feel like if you just watch things, just sit still and let the world exist in front of you - sometimes I swear that just for a second time freezes and the world pauses in its tilt. Just for a second. And if you somehow found a way to live in that second, then you would live forever.❞

Love is truly the greatest feeling there ever is. I am lucky enough to have found my soulmate and I cannot see myself without him. So, the premise of a world where love is a disease was highly appealing to me. I didn't have high expectations for this one; but I am glad I picked it up as I enjoyed it a great deal.


The story

"Delirium" portrays a world where love is a disease, but there is a cure for it too. Once you are eighteen, you are taken to the labs where they somehow remove the part of your brain that is responsible for your feelings. Awful? You bet. Friends are no longer friends as they don't feel that closeness anymore; lovers, well they don't love each other anymore. It's a truly horrible premise, because feelings are a part of who we are. It honestly gives meaning to our lives. Otherwise, everything is just plain and then if you don't find anything remarkable what's the point of living?

Outside the walls of Portland, where the story unfolds, lie the Wilds. This is where free people go the ones that don't want to be 'cured'.


The characters

The female protagonist, Lena, is likable. The story is told from her point of view. She is a girl that lived her whole life believing that the cure will bring her peace. You see Lena's mother committed suicide. But her mom couldn't be cured; her feelings of love, love for her husband, love for her daughters, consumed her. Lena then meets someone that changes her perception of love from a disease to something wonderful.

Other notable characters include: Alex, Lena's love (his mysterious past will probably be unraveled in the following books) and Hana, Lena's best friend (who even if she doesn't like the way things work isn't doing anything to truly resist). My favorite character was Gracie, Lena's cousin who everyone thinks is kinda of stupid. However, Lena knows best, as Gracie who never spoke to anyone else is talking to her. For Gracie, I guess Lena is her idol. For me it was the most interesting character because of the premise she was given through the little parts in the story she was in. I bet she will be very important in the next books.


The writing

I haven't read anything from Lauren Oliver before so I cannot compare it with her other pieces, but man her writing was so good. Her descriptions were really well written and the story was nicely paced. I really thought the quotes from various 'books' in the beginning of each chapter were a clever way to immense us into a world where being in love is truly despicable:


The ending

Of course, the story doesn't end in this book. Even so, you could say that there is a closure. I can't wait to read the next one.