Harry Potter FanFiction: Lady Malfoy

"Miss Granger, you are in grave danger," he said slowly. "But the Ministry can offer you a safe hiding place, where no one will be able to find you."
"Wh...where is this place?" Hermione said shakily.
The man took a deep breath and looked into those brown eyes. "Miss Granger, what do you know of Malfoy Manor?"


I don't know if any of you read any fan fiction, or even write some yourself, but back in 2008 I discovered it myself (yeah it took me a while). Anyway, I came across this story which was the first I ever read. It's called Lady Malfoy and it's set after a couple of years of the events in the seventh book with all the main characters grown up. The first few chapters are okay, but the story, as well as the author's writing gets better and better. In particular, the characters she created were really believable and enjoyable.

If you are a harry potter fan, if you enjoy fan fiction and romance stories (don't worry it's not cheesy) give this a chance!