You: A Novel

You: A Novel - Caroline Kepnes

This book was very disturbing in oh so many levels. I can honestly say that this is the most messed up book I have ever picked up.

The story
Basically the storyline is this: The main character, Joe, appears to the outside world to be a perfectly normal/average person; in reality however, he is a total nutjob, a psycho. One day on his bookstore, a pretty girl walks in, Beck, and just like that he decides that he loves her and that get this: she loves him back; she just doesn't show it. He finds her online and becomes a first class stalker. As the story unfolds, he becomes so obsessed with her that he goes at great lengths to be with her..and let's just leave it at that.
How he finds stuff about Beck's life is really interesting too, as the writer shows how easy it is to give access to your life to complete strangers through the social media; this had always been terrifying to me.

The writing
Now the story is told through Joe's narration which makes it even more..intense and personal I guess, because you are in his head too. You follow his train of thought in everything: how he views and deals with the world, his memories and his justifications on what he does throughout the story. This way you can see how much sick he really is but (BUT) you feel terribly sorry for him (at least I did).

I am not sure to whom I could recommend this book, as I did enjoyed it a lot; but I had to stop occasionally and get a break- that's how much it gets into your head. If you want to read a dark story that will linger afterwards look no further as the writing on this one is really good.

One final thing about the ending:

I saw that Caroline Kepnes is going to realise a second book continuing the story of joe; but without that in mind, the ending really left me saying that's it?! He just got away with it? (for a second time???) He just killed too many people and I wanted to feel a closure in the end although I am not sure what closure would be on a story like that: him dead? him caught? At a certain point, I even expected Betsy to be even more sick than him, that she knew from the beginning about his obsession. But oh well... However, as there is a sequel to the series, I hope they nail him next time and we get to feel a catharsis in the end.

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