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2017 Full House Reading Challenge


Goal: complete the card below

 0/25 boxes (0% done)

  ✭ (Possible) List /WIP

☕ Non Fiction

☕ On TBR for 2+ yrs

☕ More than 500 pages

☕ Page Turner

☕ Middle Grade Book


☕ 2017 published

☕ Published pre 2000

☕ UK/European Author

☕ Backlist from fav author

☕ Book from a list


☕ Award Winner

☕ Book about books

☕ Size word in title

☕ Two worded title

☕ Debut Book


☕ Food on cover or title

☕ Cozy Mystery 

☕ Book from childhood

☕ Diversity book 

☕ Australian/NZ author 



☕USA/canadian author 

☕Not really for you 

☕Attractive cover 



* Not really for you.  This can be a kind of book you don't usually read, or it could be one you just DNF, or one you just didn't enjoy that much.
* Diversity.  Think ethnic, cultural, religious, and gender diversity and you may come up with something you think of as well, as the list is basic.  But it must be somehow quite different to you. 
* Book from a list.   There are heaps of lists out there, from bestsellers to numerous Goodreads ones.
*Authors  UK/European author reads   UK or European author. 
*Size Word in Title   e.g small, little, tiny, huge, large, big, mini....etc. 
* Book about books.  This can be fiction or non-fiction. It can be anything for example where the setting is a book shop for example. 
✓ Challenge update Schedule:

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